Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Make Faire San Mateo 2008

The whole family drove south to the Bay Area to attend the Make Faire this year. We were hoping for a chance to compete in the king of fling competition, but they did not hold the competition this year. We visited the Exploratorium on Friday before the Faire. An amazing place to visit and an outstanding gift and book shop.

Check out the Make Blog for a good overview video of the Faire. The highlights of the two days included motorized cupcakes, popping acetylene soap bubbles, SparkFun booth, Evil Mad Scientist Booth, mousetrap, Steam punk stem buggy, Adam Savage's Presentation, Home Chem Lab Presentation, 5 Dangerous Things you should let your kids do, the Chumby booth (I purchased one for my 8 year old daughter, really it was for her), and the maker store.

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